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Dark Souls: It’s Karniz! in [sort of] what I was wearing like a week ago… [a LOT of the game has passed, and I really need to catch up on my Dark Souls comics! ><;;] I can’t seem to draw myself with another helmet… I’m sort of attached to this one… ♥
I’ve seen a lot of Dark Souls character “Ask” accounts.. I’m really tempted to do one [it would probably help me be motivated!], but for whom?

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  8. fifthelephant answered: Tarkus!!
  9. pluckedstrings answered: A few fun ones could be the Crestfallen Warrior (and everything that has passed him), Big Hat Logan, or the lovely Laurentius!
  10. datotherpotatochip answered: Hum I like the idea of your own character, even if you are doing it in the comic, it’d be nice to see other DS OCs sharing experience xB
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  12. littlewolfwitch answered: DO IT! Uhhhh, for… Someone. Someone badass, that you really like.:<
  13. natealepsy answered: Do the onion family. Siegmeyer and Sieglinde.
  14. devidementia answered: I haven’t seen one for Gwyn, Lord of Cinder…
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