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This is mostly from memory.  I didn’t get a lot of time between dodge rolls and spell casts to get a clear picture of the poor guy.  

Felt bad killing him. :(

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AMAZING Artotias cosplayer I spotted a bit ago! Not a bad Dark Souls cosplay turn out so far.

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Also caught a Solaire!

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I drew my Dark Souls 2 Loadouts so far. Even coloured one for some reason

Maybe I’ll do more… If I change it. That Drangleic Armors pretty nifty, though I am now wearing a Mask of the Sinner.

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Just snagged a photo of this awesome Ornstein; hope to see more Souls outfits this weekend too.

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and lose yourself.

I would hate to see that happen again.

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Will any followers be visiting Sakura Con in Seattle this weekend? If so, keep an eye out for any Dark Souls cosplays! If you manage to snag some photos, be sure to submit them to the blog!

(also keep an eye out for a certain loser cosplaying as HUNK for the third year in a row huehue)

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Dark Souls: Howdy ho! It’s been awhile, but there’s finally new pages up on Karniz’s Many Deaths in Dark Souls! Click here if you’re caught up to see the new pages!

Yes, the arrival of Tits McGee.
I promise she isn’t that creepy in the comic… kehehehe!

Also, I recorded my drawing these pages on Livestream!
View em’ here! | Video #1 | Video #2 |

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last one i swear

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